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Floral Fragrances

Blueberry Pathcouli

A deliciously sweet fresh blueberry tart with classic earthy strong patchouli fragrance.


Subtle and delicate, capturing the essence of Gardenia flower.


The smell of light, sweet and floral fragrance.

Lavender & Bergamot

A very pleasing herbal blend of soothing lavender with lemon-peppery bergamot.

Lavender & Rose

A beautiful relaxing blend of soothing French lavender and soft sweet rose petals.

Sandalwood & Pathchouli

A soft, woody fragrance with a classic earthy strong patchouli fragrance.

Ylang Ylang

The unique fragrance of Ylang Ylang, a classic favourite. Also a fragrance that increase your sex drive.


A fresh, calming and soothing classic herbal chamomile fragrance.


A very authentic gently sweet and slightly peppery red geranium fragrance.

Jasmin & bergamot

A floral sweet fragrance with natural fresh peppery lemon citrus fragrance

Lavender & chamomile

The herbal and musky smell of lavender with a touch of Chamomile. A truly relaxing fragrance .


A classic earthy strong a plant patchouli fragrance


A much-loved strong heady rich exotic floral scent.

English rose

An intoxicating blend of soft sweet rose petals and vibrant neroli.


Warming, anchoring scent reminiscent of fresh root ginger.


 A strong soothing French lavender fragrance.

Lavender Patchouli

The smell of lavender with a classic earthy strong patchouli fragrance. Lovely combination.

Rose Patchouli

A rich meditational blend of strong earthy patchouli, sweet rose petals and a hint of powdery musk.

Vanilla Pathchouli

A blend of strong resinous patchouli, softened with vanilla.