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Spring/Summer Fragrances

Acqua Spa

A fabulous fresh tropical blue sea and sunshine fragrance, with a hint of exotic white florals and a touch of citrus.

Cocoa Butter

A smooth seductive cocoa butter fragrance, rich but light and delicately chocolately.

Ginger Lime

An absolutely gorgeous sweet and spicy ginger lime fragrance.

Sea Cucamber

A strong fresh marine fragrance with hints of dark greenery, light citrus and sea salt.

White Zinfandel

The wonderful aroma of fruity dry pink zinfandel wine with undertones of red raspberries, currants, strawberries and rose petals with a light alcoholic background.


Classic citrus citronella fragrance, great for summer, bugs hate it!

Citronella is an amazing fresh lemony smell that when used in a candle give off a amazing powerful scent and keeps the insects away!


The scent of rich creamy tropical coconut.


The refreshing aroma of the mojito cocktail – rich sugary base notes with top notes of fresh sprigs of mint, juicy fresh lime and white rum.

Sea Breeze

Fresh. light, refreshing fragrance. Ozonic qualities with a touch of citrus.

Green Tea

If you like green tea you’ll love this scent. Very classic fragrance of light green tea.

Fresh Linen

A beautiful soft floral fresh linen fabric conditioner type fragrance.


A deliciously sweet fresh and very authentic summery cantaloupe melon fragrance.


A fresh citrus start rapidly develops into a complex yet light fragrance, with hints of lavender and iris, and finishing with a eucalyptus and musk dry down.